Ayurveda Yoga Massage Training

This training of Level 1 is of 40 hours for 10 - 11 days.

It is according to the Authentic Teaching-Guidelines of Master Kusum Modak. Learning through receiving and giving, with repetative demonstration of technique and direct continues practice.

This training offers a new way of understanding the body, its borders and potentials, its capacity to receive.

In this training, as a side effect, every participant’s body goes through a deep cleansing process.

It includes in advance NUTRITIONAL guidelines to prepare the participant for the intensive training process.

Who can Join:

Everybody who is a bodywork specialist, physiotherapists, massage therapists and others who are ready to learn deep Ayurveda and Yoga based work and like to learn more in the art of touch and being touched, can join the training.

The training is especially useful to Yoga teachers who can use this skill further to align their students with support and in necessities even give sessions to help them further.

Though it does help if you already are into bodywork but it’s not essential for joining the course. The training welcomes everyone whether you are a new learner or already in the field of Yoga or Bodywork. The course is designed in such a way that everyone can learn irrespective of their background and start giving sessions after the course.

What you learn:

The Principles of Ayurveda and Yoga.

You learn different techniques of massaging the whole body including neck, head, hands, feet, shoulder and face.

You will learn the different yogic stretches used in the massage and their importance in alignments of spine and opening the particular joint. You learn to give gentle but powerful yogic stretches on different parts of body.

Body's potentials and receiving capacity from Ayurvedic and Yoga point of view.

You learn the specific massage sequence used in this massage to create a complete massage session.

Another important feature you learn how to take care of your own body-posture while giving the massage, so on a longer run, your own body does not collapse.

You get a book and notes for further practice

On completion of the course, you get a certificate with a number of hours

Level 2:

Only the people who have done level one with me or with my colleagues, can join the level two course. Plus the person has to have a minimum of 6 months continuous practice

It is an Intensive 30 hrs course, 6-7 days.

We learn a deeper therapeutic work to treat the client.

After completion of course, you get a “Diploma of Ayurveda Yoga Massage”.

Upcoming Trainings:

La Palma June 2nd to 14th,  2019 (Level 1)

La Palma June 17th  to 22nd,  2019 (Level 2)